Helpful Tools

Local Exchange Carrier (LEC) Information

By entering your area code and prefix, this site tells you where a phone number is located and who the native local telephone carrier is.

[maxbutton id=”1″ url=”http://puck.nether.net/npa-nxx/” text=”LEC Information” ]


How fast is your city? Shows average wired and wireless broadband speeds by city.

[maxbutton id=”1″ url=”www.speedtest.org” text=”Speed Test” ]


Use this link to determine the quality of your broadband internet connection.

[maxbutton id=”1″ url=”www.pingtest.net” text=”Speed Test” ]

The Time to Transfer Calculator

Use this calculator to determine the amount of time it would take to send a file over the internet.

[maxbutton id=”1″ url=”http://www.numion.com/calculators/time.html” text=”Time to Transfer Calculator” ]

Toll Free Number Look-Up

Looking for a specific toll free number? Tells you if that toll free number is available.

[maxbutton id=”1″ url=”http://businessesales.att.com/dyn/dyn/products/lookup_toll_free_results.jhtml” text=”Toll Free Number Look Up” ]

International Calling Guide

Comprehensive and up-to-date information on how to dial internationally from the USA, Canada or from any other country.

[maxbutton id=”1″ url=”http://howtocallabroad.com/” text=”International Calling Guide” ]

What Is My…?

Instantly displays what your individual screen / monitor resolution is!

[maxbutton id=”1″ url=”http://www.whatismyscreenresolution.com/” text=”Screen Resolution” ]


Can’t remember what your IP Address is? This site tells you what it is.

[maxbutton id=”1″ url=”http://www.whatismyip.com/” text=”IP Address” ]

FREE PDF Online Conversion

Convert Microsoft Word, Publisher, PowerPoint, Excel (and many more!) files to PDF instantly!

[maxbutton id=”1″ url=”http://www.pdfonline.com/” text=”PDF Converter” ]