Is Your Phone System Causing You to Need One of These?



Are you sick and tired of endless phone system problems interrupting your day and frustrating you and your team? Do you feel stuck with your phone system that may not be performing the SERVICE you want, but you don’t know the best option to replace it? 

We Guarantee That We Can Show You How to Save At Least $1,000 to $3,000 A Year on Your Phone Bill and Phone System Costs or We’ll Buy You The Biggest, Juiciest Steak Dinner You’ve Ever Had!

I apologize if the opening of this letter seems a bit “sensational,” but it’s 100% true – based on working with hundreds of business owners, I know I can save you at least $1,000 or MORE on your current phone bill and phone system maintenance while simultaneously giving you MORE features and flexibility.

We specialize in helping companies globally, with 25 to 2000 employees and multiple locations to replace their overpriced, complicated phone systems with ones that are easy to use, customer service focused, and a LOT less expensive to maintain.

There are 3 main reasons why businesses trusted us when it comes to buying new phone equipment:

We have an amazing customer service track record and reputation for taking care of our customers and can back this up with awards, references, and testimonial letters from our clients (see enclosed reference).
We specialize in tailoring top-tier technology solutions, ensuring they align with your unique needs, budget, and objectives.
We take an agnostic and consultative, solution-driven approach to prioritize your success over our agenda.

Our goal when meeting and servicing our clients is to help them reduce operating expenses, increase productivity, mitigate company risk, and gain a competitive edge in your marketplace. This is something we strive to help our clients with all day, every day.

If you currently have a legacy system, chances are that you are spending a lot of money on support calls every time you need to make a change. Plus, you have to wait for the technician to come on-site and make the change, which may take up to 2 days depending on their schedule.

Aside from this inconvenience, you are also locked into buying their equipment and you aren’t getting the savings and customer service features that a VoIP solution can offer you.

Our Free Phone Communications Audit Shows You How To Save $1000 A Year or We’ll Buy You A Steak Dinner

We are so confident that we can help you save a ton of money with our new phone system that we’re willing to make you the following good-natured bet: Sign up to receive a Free Phone Communications Audit and we will do a complete communications analysis for your company. At the end of our audit, we’ll summarize our findings and show you:

Exactly how much money you could save by trashing your current system and upgrading to our next generation voice over IP solution.

How you can avoid common phone problems like voice mail limitations, dropped or missed calls, and “voice mail jail.”

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Ultimately, if we can’t show you how to save at least $1000 a year in unnecessary costs and lost productivity, OR if you feel that we have wasted your time, we’ll give you a $75 gift card so you can enjoy a steak dinner on us.

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