Cloud Computing

2017: The Cloud Takes Business By Storm

Brett Harney Cloud

Cloud ComputingWe have been long-time proponents of cloud computing because we know all the power it holds, and the benefits it offers – increased security, decreased downtime, enabling a mobile workforce, and reducing hardware and maintenance costs to name a few. For the last couple years, businesses have been dipping their toes into Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) to test the waters; adopting variations of the cloud to see how it feels with their business needs in mind. But 2017 is the year the cloud is going to blow up.

Now that we have our footing in this relatively new technology, it’s time to dive in and really take advantage of the awesome power it offers. An article from Forbes tells how businesses are starting to monetize their cloud use:


“… the cloud is becoming a money machine for many businesses as well. A surprise finding from a recent survey is that 80% of companies are now drawing some of their revenues from the cloud, and 42% indicate that this is now the source of a majority of their revenues.


Let that sink in. Companies are figuring out ways to leverage cloud-based services to amp up their income streams, versus simply shaving costs. A sizeable segment now depends on cloud for most of it. We already know that many startups exist solely on the cloud, and this is now becoming the growth engine for established concerns as well.


This is the key revelation from the survey of 1,351 executives, which confirms that many organizations are figuring out how to monetize their cloud engagements, above and beyond well-documented efficiency gains. The study is the latest in an annual series published by North Bridge, a growth equity and venture capital firm, in partnership with research analyst firm Wikibon.


While the online slides provided by North Bridge do not spell out how this monetization is actually occurring, it can be surmised that much of the cloud-based revenues are coming via cloud-enabled e-commerce applications, and perhaps some elements through cloud-based supply chains, data analytics, and new digital product creation. Seventy-five percent report sales and marketing is now enabled through cloud.”
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