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The 5 Coolest Features of Hosted Phone

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I can talk to you all day about how Unified Communications will enhance your business function. How it will reduce the expense of aging hardware. How it will give you unmatched agility to scale your service as needed and integrate apps at will. How it can make your team more productive. How it can potentially eliminate downtime and data loss. …

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The Backstory and Brass Tacks of VoIP

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The internet was a game changer for business. It opened up a fast-paced world of connectivity and information sharing that catapulted our communications light years beyond where we were in a very short time. Since then, the quest for new applications for the internet has never stopped. One of these applications is VoIP. Here we outline the history, evolution, and …

Summary of the State of the Phone Industry

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CONFUSION!  That is the word to start this blog.  The world of premise-based phone technology is in a state of absolute confusion. During the last three months, the playing field has drastically condensed with quite a few mergers and acquisitions. In the midst of this M&A free for all, Mitel is staging itself to “buy” the competition.  And one of their bigger plays (Avaya) …

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5 Steps to Success with UC

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The goal of Unified Communications is simplicity. But, getting there can be complex. There are many factors to account for and complex deployment considerations to make. Preparing your business for the shift can ensure your UC solution gets off the ground running. Here are five important steps to get you there.