The 3 Perils of Your Cyber Security Process

Brett Harney Network Security

It’s easy to understand why businesses are increasing their security budgets after a year like 2017. We’ve seen an unprecedented level of cyber crime, from Equifax to WannaCry. While the cyber crime stories made the headlines, there were no doubt even more losses that occurred as a result of simple human error, many of which were never reported. Many companies …

hosted phone

Is Premise-Based VoIP Becoming Obsolete?

Brett Harney Hosted Phone, VoIP

There is speculation in the technology industry that the premise-based salesman is going the way of the fax salesman of 1990s. While fax technology was still useful, the digital alternatives and the use of email were just such an improvement it seemed incredibly wasteful to continue trying to spread the technology. The upside of cloud hosting is certainly compelling in …

disaster recovery

Major Storms in NE Ohio Knocks Out Power, Businesses Affected

Brett Harney Business Continuity / Disaster Recovery

Sunday evening, a major thunderstorm swept across northern Ohio, leaving a surprising amount of damage in its wake. According to Fox 8, as of 9 a.m. Monday, there were over 13,000 without power in Summit County, 9,900 without power in Cuyahoga County, over 6,400 in Geauga County and over 6,300 in Medina County. Thousands could be without power until Wednesday. …

cloud computing

3 Stages of a Successful Cloud Shift

Brett Harney Cloud

The ultimate result of moving to the cloud should be simplification of your work flow. Using the cloud should reduce security concerns, decrease reliance on aging hardware, increase collaboration, and make your data simpler to access wherever, however, and whenever you want it. The hard part is getting all your data and processes there in the beginning. Effectively migrating to …