Hosted VoIP for Retail

5 Reasons Hosted VoIP Rocks for Retail

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Hosted VoIP for RetailThe benefits of Hosted VoIP phone systems are undeniable. They save you time, save you money, increase security, and reduce risk of data loss as a result of disaster. The benefits to a retail environment are even more numerous. Direct your customers to the most appropriate salesperson whether they’re at their desk or working from home. Schedule sales force conference calls that run through everyone’s cell phones. Connect multiple locations to give your customers quick access to the information they need. If power goes down at one location, send all your data to the nearest location in only a few minutes so you can keep your business running. The folks at break down the top 5 benefits for you here:

1. Skills-based routing. You can route calls in all sorts of ways to ensure calls go to the best person in your organization to answer them. This saves time for everyone and leverages the talent in your organization to maximum levels.  The flexibility in routing configurations allows you to designate each worker as an expert in several areas instead of just one (if and when such is the case). This means that talented workers are open to several different types of calls rather than stuck in one role so your company can benefit from their overall expertise.

2. Remote and mobile integration.  These days, workers work from home almost as much as they work in the office. In some cases, businesses use remote workers who never come into the office. And almost all businesses have workers who use mobile devices while traveling. VoIP business systems allow you to connect all these people wherever they are, and no matter what device they are using, with the same seamless telephony reach one would expect if they were all sitting in the same building. You can go a step further in this regard by adding unified communications (UC) tools which will add presence, the ability to locate co-workers for contact.

3. Conference calls made easy and better. Say goodbye to expensive and complicated conference bridges. One switch in VoIP can handle everything. You can also overlay software to enable interactions from screen sharing to whiteboard use.

4. Easy way to connect branch offices or multiple retail locations. You can set up multiple virtual extensions through a single Hosted VoIP account. This cuts your telephony costs but also increases efficiencies in your business.

5. Apps expand functionality. There appears to be no end to the number of apps that can be used with VoIP. You will also like the array of enterprise VoIP apps that integrate with other systems such as CRM.*

* SOURCE:Pam Baker

Hosted VoIP can give your sales team and your customers the rockstar experience they deserve. Decreasing the time it takes to solve problems and increasing your profitability. Let the experts at Corporate Technologies Group bring you up to speed. In the meantime, download our Hosted VoIP Readiness checklist:

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