9 IT Questions to Ask Your CEO

Brett Harney Collaboration, Communication, Managed Network Services

IT questions to ask your CEO

As a CIO, would you describe your IT department as “a strong partner to the business?” According to the 2014 Deloitte Global CIO Survey only 49 percent of CIOs feel that way. It’s easy to get trapped in the day-to-day efforts of just maintaining the status quo of keeping the company’s IT infrastructure up and rolling. But when do you have time to work on new initiatives?  Do you have a good grasp on which direction the company is headed to even work on new plans? I read some great advice in this summer’s edition of SOLVE, Time Warner Cable’s business publication. Peter Rothman, CIO, Alcott HR, Farmingdale, NY advises that these nine questions should be asked to the CEO every six months.

1. What tools are you using or, or do you want to use, to measure the company’s success?

2. What do you see the company’s customer base looking like one, three and five years from now?

3. Do you see a change in service offerings over the same time period?

4. What do you think our staffing levels will be one, three and five years from now?

5. Do you plan on opening new offices?

6. Do you see any acquisitions or divestitures in the next five years?

7. What legislative changes are coming in our industry that we need to prepare for?

8. What are the most important trends in our industry?

9. What are trends in other industries that you think we can emulate?”

These questions can help you create solutions and innovative ideas with your team to stay ahead of the game.  And when you need to outsource the management of your organization’s voice and data network services, Corporate Technologies Group is here to help.