And the Top 3 Reasons VoIP is Good for Small Business Are…

Brett Harney VoIP

VoIP is not just for big business anymore. Voice Over IP provides cost savings when it comes to operational costs.  And this is an obvious benefit for the business case in selecting this route, even in smaller businesses.  However, according to an article on late last week,  there are 3 very compelling operational advantages that VoIP can provide small businesses:
  1. Makes Growth Easier Successful small businesses find growth one of their biggest challenges. This is one area where VoIP can help business owners find the best talent available, not just the best talent in their geographic region. Remote workers from anywhere in the country can use VoIP unified communications tools to converse, collaborate, and conference with anyone else in the company, whether they’re at company headquarters or in a home office. For businesses where telecommuting isn’t an option, setting up VoIP services for a new employee is as simple as plugging a phone into his or her computer’s Ethernet jack or installing a softphone app on the computer. There’s no need to run separate phone lines or extensions.
  2. Enhanced Customer Service Options Small business owners often find themselves spending countless hours at their desk for fear that they may miss an important customer call. Others know that they need to present themselves professionally and don’t feel comfortable making business calls from their cell phone line. Luckily, mobile apps made specifically for smartphones and tablets allow workers to stay in touch with their VoIP line from anywhere. Using the apps, users can make and receive calls over the VoIP service rather than their cell phone line, even though they exist on the same device.
  3. Improved Collaboration In any business setting, working as a team is paramount to success. Using services that many VoIP vendors provide, small businesses have the ability to harness the same collaboration and communication tools—file sharing, screen sharing, Web conferencing—that larger organizations have made a mainstay in their operations. Leveraging these tools, small businesses can make better decisions at a faster rate because they have access to the resources and people they rely on for the right information.

Still an opportunity to help a non-profit of your choosing

As a small business owner, you are no doubt actively involved in many aspects of your community. Perhaps you have a non-profit that you work with or are on the board.  We would like to help the non-profits in our community this holiday season and perform a free network performance evaluation for non-profits you nominate.