Boost your Network Performance with Network Monitoring!

Brett Harney Network Performance

Are you experiencing network issues that are bringing productivity down? Sometimes the best you can do is guess the source of the problem, and unfortunately, more often than not, guessing the solution does not help and it wastes time. Isn’t it time to move past that? How can you detect the source of these issues? We have the ability to provide you with a real-time, accurate view of your network performance with network monitoring. This will give detailed reports of jitter, latency and packet traffic. Based on this information, we can isolate where the issue is occurring. The goal is to make your network lightning fast, and we are here to help you recognize any potential bottlenecks in the way. Not only can this help with problems, it can ensure that your network is running at peak performance. The network assessments we offer can increase your day to day peace of mind.  The Network Assessment will provide you with:
  • Bandwidth Utilization and Reliability
  • Jitter, Latency, and Data Loss Reports
  • Identifying Top Sources, Destinations and Applications
  • Evaluation of Quality of Service (QoS)
  • Essential data to recognize network slow downs
CTG is offering a FREE 2 week network monitoring session to the first 10 companies that register. At the end of the two weeks, your company will receive a network assessment report that will detail the analytics of your network activity. Wouldn’t it be nice to know what’s happening on your network instead of just guessing?