CRM Integration

Unified Communication (UC) + Business Applications = Integration Bliss

Brett Harney Application Integration, Unified Communications

Information silos and friction within communications can throttle productivity and frustrate employees and customers alike. These issues tend to go unsolved for many until they begin to interfere with the organization’s day-to-day operations. This year, as local mandates forced employees to work from home, the efficacy of the organization’s business processes and technology infrastructure was put to the test. In …

Microsoft Teams

Thinking about Microsoft Teams? Why ‘going it alone’ might be a mistake

Leighton Rosendale Application Integration, Communication, Unified Communications

Are more of your employees working from home, thanks to COVID? Or does your business want to be more flexible regardless of what the future holds? If yes, now may be the time to consider Microsoft Teams. Teams is an application that’s built for the mobile and cloud era. What is it exactly? Microsoft Teams is part of the Office …

How are you planning for 2020?

Brett Harney Application Integration, Cloud, Collaboration, Communication, Managed Network Services, Network Security, Unified Communications

With not only a new year but a new decade right around the corner, company leaders need to be mapping out a serious plan for what’s ahead. But where do you start? It’s a major challenge in deciding when ‘outdated technology’ is holding an organization back, or when it’s still delivering value. Or determining if the ROI for building integrations …

It’s a marathon, not a sprint! The journey from Exchange to Office 365 to Microsoft Teams + voice

Brett Harney Application Integration, Cloud, Collaboration

It’s no secret that modern workplaces are evolving in new and exciting ways. We see examples in new mobile apps, the growing acceptance of remote working, and our appetite for online collaboration tools. Ideally, our modern workplaces are an environment where individuals are their most productive, and everyone communicates and collaborates seamlessly, regardless of where teams are working. The latest …

Microsoft Teams: A Great Collaboration Tool, but a Not so Great Phone System

Brett Harney Application Integration, Bandwidth management

At Corporate Technologies Group, Inc. we are getting more requests on how MS Teams can provide communication / collaboration services to our clients.  This is a pivotal time, as Microsoft announced that they would be phasing out their Unified Communications Platform, Skype for Business, and replace it with Microsoft Teams in 2017. Now that we are in 2019, Teams is …