Cloud Computing

Cloud Predicted to Have $1 Trillion Impact

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IT firms have long understood why moving to the cloud is good for the bottom line. It has a host of benefits to businesses ranging from increased security, decreased downtime, enabling a mobile workforce, and reducing hardware and maintenance costs. And now the numbers are showing that many other industries are embracing cloud technology in various types of applications. Gartner has just …

Network Performance

Cloudy with a Chance of Poor Network Performance

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It is said that currently only 15% of the market is using Microsoft 365 (cloud-based office) and that over the next two years Microsoft is going to phase out premise-based MS office.  The average company has 6 cloud applications working on their network through different departments of their organization.  Many departments set up cloud services without IT knowing about it.  …

Cloud Computing

Cloud Computing: Fact vs. Fiction

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The cloud isn’t just for techies anymore. It’s an important change in the way businesses operate and if you don’t understand it yet, you need to make an effort before you’re left behind. Cloud computing provides an agile platform from which ideas and innovations can be tested in little time and minimal costs, thus enhancing speed-to-market. Here IoT Expert Ahmed …

Managed Cloud

4 Tips to Optimize Your Experience with Managed Cloud Providers

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When considering moving your business to the cloud, you need to decide how much involvement you want in managing that cloud. The cloud doesn’t run itself. Some people fear they will “lose control of their data” if they outsource cloud management. However, managed cloud providers aren’t taking control, they are using their training to make sure your data is safe …