2021 planning starts now

Leighton Rosendale Application Integration, Business Continuity / Disaster Recovery, Cloud, Collaboration, Communication, Cybersecurity, Unified Communications

Put yourself in the driver’s seat – We can all agree that 2020 blew up a lot of strategic plans. The message appeared in giant skywriting from above – ‘humans make plans, and the universe laughs. Unfortunately for most of us, the laugh is usually uncontrollable, and it’s directly in our faces. So, does that mean that business owners should …

Cyber security protections

Cybersecurity – The time for complete business protection is now

Brett Harney Cybersecurity, Network Security

Unfortunately, COVID-19 isn’t the only virus that individuals and companies need to worry about these days. As a result of the 2020 outbreak, cybercriminals are getting more creative in their tactics. Many are using advanced ransomware, phishing scams, and social engineered attacks to prey on people’s coronavirus fear. These hackers are also exploiting cybersecurity gaps from organizations that now have …

Corporate Technologies Group Partners With Binary Defense For Cybersecurity

Leighton Rosendale Cybersecurity

Corporate Technologies Group (CTG) is proud to announce they have partnered with Binary Defense to bring increased cybersecurity capabilities to clients. Because most companies don’t have the staff, technology or budget to monitor around the clock, CTG and Binary Defense are providing this service. Their team is an extension of your IT team, providing protection around the clock, every day …