Is Your Network Ready for a Millennial Influx?

Brett Harney Network Performance

As technology has changed, so has the way people work and connect. We often see a blend of old and new technology, as fully embracing new tech can be costly up front. That slow move forward has worked for many. But as Millennials, people born from 1981-2000, flood the workplace, a new mindset is forming.  One that means getting ahead of the curve to …

Network Performance

4 Factors Crushing Your Network Performance

Brett Harney Network Performance

Your data flows through your network like cars driving on a highway. When conditions are optimal, it’s smooth sailing. Data gets where it needs to go quickly and your productivity stays on track. But, bottlenecks, high volume traffic, and repair work can all bring your fast pace instantly to a crawl. All those slowdowns and bumps in the road can …

Network Monitoring

Why Monitor Your Network? I’ll Give You 7 Reasons.

Brett Harney Network Performance

Your customers are the heart of your business. Your staff, service, and product are the muscles. Your data is the brain. And your network is the circulatory system. Without optimal connections and network performance, everything else will suffer. If everything fails, the heart will too. And if that goes, then there’s nothing left. The best way to keep your network …


March Madness = Bad Bandwidth

Brett Harney Bandwidth management, Business Continuity / Disaster Recovery, Network Performance

A few years ago, during the first week of March Madness, a couple of the CTG sales guys thought they were “the bomb.” They streamed the opening round games on their iPads while they were working.  ESPN even had a tab in the right top corner that read “BOSS TAB” where it would change the view back to some business …