Microsoft Teams

Thinking about Microsoft Teams? Why ‘going it alone’ might be a mistake

Leighton Rosendale Application Integration, Communication, Unified Communications

Are more of your employees working from home, thanks to COVID? Or does your business want to be more flexible regardless of what the future holds? If yes, now may be the time to consider Microsoft Teams. Teams is an application that’s built for the mobile and cloud era. What is it exactly? Microsoft Teams is part of the Office …

hosted vs on-prem

Hosted vs On-premise Phone System? What You Need to Know

Brett Harney Collaboration, Hosted Phone, Unified Communications, VoIP

Regardless of the industry, you’re in, your company’s phone system is a lifeline of your business. Think about it: you invest resources in research and development, product packaging, customer service, sales and marketing, and many other business areas. You may spend money to build a mobile-friendly website, write blogs, and run email campaigns. All of these activities are designed to …

Where do we go from here?

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It’s already clear that executives are moving full-speed-ahead from crisis mode surrounding COVID-19 events to refocusing on strategic objectives and planning for the future. Preparing now can help organizations maintain a resilient mindset and successfully navigate uncertainties that may lie ahead. But, when it comes to your IT department, what should your recovery playbook look like? How can you make …

Are you spending too much? What property managers need to know when it comes to UCaaS & telecom services.

Leighton Rosendale Communication, Hosted Phone, Unified Communications, VoIP

While earning healthy returns on properties is job one for rental property owners, managing these investments is a whole different ball game. To be successful, property managers have to wear many hats across the business. Traits like patience, excellent communication, customer service skills, legal and real estate expertise, these are all critical. The best property managers today also need an …

Preparing for the unknown

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One day we are all living our lives normally, and the next we are all suddenly living in confusion and uncertainty. There has been so much uncertainty and confusion surrounding COVID-19, and with local, state and national governments stating different information, it makes it hard to determine what exactly is going on, or how long our lives will be affected …