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How Sustainable Is Your Technology?

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My high school-aged daughter, Blair, came home last week with an English assignment. Her teacher asked her to write a paper about sustainability and how it impacts Blair’s teenage life.  It was a good question even though Blair didn’t necessarily like the project. As we discussed it throughout dinner, it made me think more and more on how technology has …

3 Unified Communications Trends You’ll See in 2018

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We are experiencing a momentum in technology that feels reminiscent of the adoption of the world wide web. At first, everyone was caught up in the excitement of this unprecedented tool, then they figured out how to apply it to revolutionize communication. In 2017, we saw dramatic adoption of both Artificial Intelligence and the Internet of Things. Our computing and …

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Building a Talent Magnet: How to Motivate Remote Employees

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The way talented people work has shifted drastically in the last 20 years. We work hard and we play hard. We strive for job fulfillment, but not at the cost of our personal lives. The definition of success is no longer being the top dog with the corner office, but being the most successful at balancing our work and our …

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Unified Communications: Enticing Millennials to Your Team

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Younger generations’ view of the corporate world has fundamentally shifted. The notion of taking a job at the bottom and grinding until you’re rewarded with a move up the ladder, and the perks that come with it, isn’t appealing to today’s workforce. Now, potential employees find a position that maximizes their skill set in a company that shares their values. …