How to Integrate Google Apps with Hosted VoIP

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All companies have been uncovering the secrets of Unified Communications over the past couple of years. UC simplifies all the ways your business communicates, giving your apps a voice, unifying all your devices and empowering them with features that let your people work anywhere, anytime on any device. That’s unified communications in the cloud. There are even ways of enhancing your Google Apps to create ease of use and increase productivity with an integration with your voice over IP applications.

This VoIP Checklist Will Make You Smarter

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In “The Checklist Manifesto: How to Get Things Right,” surgeon Atul Gawande argues that one of the most basic organizational tools — the simple checklist — can improve the effectiveness of teams and individuals performing complex tasks. “When properly conceived and used, a checklist ensures communication and confirmation among members of a team and catches errors.

“Checklists might be the most basic form of task management, but they’re also one of the most powerful.”

By using a checklist, you take away some of the complex clutter that can overtake your brain capacity. Your brain will be freer, smarter and you’re bound to become a more productive person.

3 Reasons VoIP Phones Make Sense for Small Businesses

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Today’s blog post draws in part from a previous post courtesy of
You are a small business, therefore, you need an easy way to communicate with your customers and vice-versa. Picking a phone system that you can rely on is a com…

The Essential eGuide for SMB’s and Hosted VoIP

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Small Businesses are embracing the benefits that VoIP provides. The investment into a Voice over IP adoption can vary depending how your SMB plans to implement the technology, and choosing that implementation will depend on a number of factors…