The Essential eGuide for SMB’s and Hosted VoIP

Brett Harney VoIP

Small Businesses are embracing the benefits that VoIP provides. The investment into a Voice over IP adoption can vary depending how your SMB plans to implement the technology, and choosing that implementation will depend on a number of factors…

And the Top 3 Reasons VoIP is Good for Small Business Are…

Brett Harney VoIP

VoIP is not just for big business anymore.  
Voice Over IP provides cost savings when it comes to operational costs.  And this is an obvious benefit for the business case in selecting this route, even in smaller businesses.  Ho…

Your International Calling Costs You What??

Jeff Reynolds VoIP

We recently were engaged by a client to review their network infrastructure.   While we found a lot of “the usual,” and by that I mean overpaying for oversubscribed WAN connections, contracts out of term that are costing an arm and a leg and some disparate systems that could be used more efficiently. There was one thing in particular that stood out: an international calling bill that was over 5 digits.  Yes, FIVE.