Do You Have Fiber In Your Thanksgiving Plans?

Jeff Sumner Network Performance

It's a play on words, but in all seriousness, fiber optic cloud connections are growing at a rapid pace.  We are confident your competitors are either currently using fiber connections, or they are going to be shortly.  However, your neighbors are using fiber too, and that's a good thing. Why is the growth so substantial?  To move applications to the cloud, it requires a cloud connection that is faster, reliable, economical, scalable and available.  This year at CTG, we've seen that fiber is being implemented in 54 % of opportunities compared to the 45% of companies last year.  The national statistics for 2013 say 39 % of companies installed fiber according to Vertical Systems Group. Having a fiber connection can benefit your business because it is:
  • Faster. In the "old" days a T-1 (1.5 Meg) was a fast cloud connection.  Nowadays, a T-1 is sufficient enough for just 2 to 3 people.  Fiber connections typically start at 5 Meg and scale to 100Gig. You can get whatever speed you need.
  • Reliable. I have been in this industry for 20 years, and the reality is the copper cable pair running down your street is getting older by the day, and it's not scheduled to be replaced.  Most of the outage issues we experience with copper based services are directly related to the copper portion (local loop) of the circuit.  The fiber connections are predominately provided by new, non-copper infrastructure, so the local loop being "old" isn't an issue.
  • Economical. As many of the providers build out their infrastructure, the cost of providing the services to the end user is becoming a realistic option for many companies.  In years past, companies had to be in a downtown multi-tenant facility to get a fiber optic cloud connection for a reasonable cost.  Since the build out is continuing, there are many non-downtown locations, even single site locations, where fiber is an economical solution.
  • Scalable. As more and more applications move to the cloud, the demand for increased speed continues to grow.  Once the fiber is installed many providers can add additional speed without much more than some paperwork.  Some providers even have implemented a bandwidth on demand network infrastructure.  The ability to scale quickly and easily is optimal in today’s fast paced economy.
  • Available. Similarly to economical, the availability has moved from only being available in the downtown multi-tenant locations, to being available to single location business.  In today's competitive environment there be many fiber providers to choose from at any site.
My suggestion to you is if you aren't able to have some fiber for Thanksgiving in 2014, then it is a great idea to investigate fiber in 2015. Your business can thrive based off of having a connection that is faster, reliable, economical, scalable and available.