Give a Nonprofit the Gift of Improved Network Performance

Brett Harney Application Performance, Network Performance

In the spirit of Thanksgiving, we wanted to take a minute to talk about nonprofits, specifically those our blog readers are engaged with. We know that many small and mid-sized business owners and management, despite being short on time and often overworked, find time to donate to nonprofits, both monetarily as well as in service. Many of you may serve on boards, or help out at fundraising events.  If you are in IT, or in a field at least related to IT, you may find you are the one called on to help advise with a nonprofit's network or computer issues. According to a survey this past summer, 7 percent of large nonprofits described their organization as “struggling” to keep up with technology, and a little more than half of smaller organizations – those with budgets under $1 million – said they were doing a bare minimum or struggling to keep up with technological progress. Website performance, and the applications running over networks, are essential technologies to fundraising efforts. But as a nonprofit, where budgets are small and tightly controlled by boards, performing network monitoring and an  application monitoring assessment is a luxury most of these organizations can't afford. Whether it's being given the choice to spend money on a network optimization assessment or serving the community, or a family with an extra Thanksgiving meal, or raising funds for cancer research, more often than not the network performance will be something put on the back burner.

CTG wants to give back this holiday season

We'll Scratch your back... And then we will scratch their's.  We would like to give back to the Northeast Ohio community this year by providing a nonprofit of your choosing (within the region) with a free network assessment and application performance monitoring evaluation.  We will NOT try to sell into your nonprofit... we guarantee no sales gimmicks.  We would like to help.