Google Apps Made This Guy a Superhero

Brett Harney Communication

"Google Apps for Work (formerly Google Apps for Business) is a suite of cloud computing productivity and collaboration software tools and software offered on a subscription basis by Google. It includes Google's popular web applications including Gmail, Google Drive, Google Hangouts, Google Calendar, and Google Docs." - Google Next Tuesday, March 31st, CTG and SimpleSignal are hosting a free lunch-n-learn to demonstrate how Google Apps can turn you into a superhero.  That's right... a regular Captain America of the business world. Not able to leap tall buildings in a single bound... but able to schedule a conference call like a true bad#*%! Approach your day with the swagger of Iron Man and the strength and of Thor when you integrate Google Apps with your Hosted PBX to perform such amazing feats as:
  • Call Logging with Click to Call
  • Schedule conference calls from within Gmail to your Google Calendar
  • Presence changes Google Chat status automatically to show when you're on a call
  • Gmail Call Tagging tags all associated calls with a particular email automatically with notes, date, time, duration, and a profile picture
Our presenter at this free event is SimpleSignal Superhero Michael Sterl,and here is his real life story that transformed him from Executive Vice President to EVP with super powers:
Let’s face it – I don’t close deals sitting behind my desk all day. In 2013, I spent about 40% of my time traveling around the country for trade shows, client meetings and speaking engagements. My wife will be the first to tell you that my day-to-day schedule is nothing less than hectic. From conference calls with my team to managing training for our partner community, the majority of my day is spent on the phone. While I’m not the only guy in the world with this type of life, I’d like to believe that I am one of only a small group of people in my position that is able to manage it as well as I do! Not to toot my own horn, but… “Toot, toot!” This isn’t due to any superpowers that I possess (although a cape would be awesome). It is actually attributed to the way I am able to utilize my SimpleSignal network from almost anywhere. Anywhere, you ask? Yes – anywhere. And we have an app for that. Actually, we have a few!
MobileLink & Msg.Now: Years ago, find me/follow me was all the rage. The ability to control your call flow and receive calls on multiple devices changed the way people operated in daily business communications. But that was then. Now, not only can I push calls from my desk phone to my mobile devices, but I can also leverage MobileLink to dial out using my business number. What’s even cooler? MobileLink is integrated with Msg.Now, allowing me to send SMS messages to anyone in my contact list without ever giving out my mobile number. This gives me the flexibility to separate my business and personal calls on one device. I don’t need a desk phone and multiple mobile phones. In reality, I could operate solely on my iPhone and my clients would only see my business number! Call Recording: I’ll admit it. Sometimes I’m not able to give my undivided attention to the conversation taking place on a conference call. After all, it’s hard to focus when you’re getting going through a TSA line or trying to find a clean seat on the BART in San Francisco. This is where call recording comes in. After a long day of travel, I can access all of my recorded calls, make notes and even download the audio file to my laptop or Google Drive. Now, when I have a follow-up meeting, the entire conversation that I had running through SFO is on file and easily accessible for reference. Google Apps Click-to-Conference: If you think trying to manage phone calls while on the move is tough – try getting stuck in email hell. Everything from my Director of Marketing needing a run down for a new product launch to a technology partner wanting to discuss new features available. It’s madness. More often than not, my response is, “Let’s set up a call to discuss.” Easy right? Well, most people would have to go into Google Calendar or Outlook or whatever calendar program they use, create an event, add the contacts, provide the conference bridge information, add meeting agendas and so on. Yeah, well, not me. I can set up a conference with the click of a button in using SimpleSignal’s Click-to-Conference tool right inside of my Gmail. All of the contacts on that email plus anyone else I want to bring in are invited and given the conference details with call in information. I can even copy the conversation of the email directly into the notes of the call! This way, when the conference pops up in my calendar a week later, I actually know what the meeting is about! Not only do I have notes on the meeting, but I no longer have to look up the moderation/pin code because it’s right there in the conference! All of this with the click of a button. I’m not saying that my way is the only way, but it certainly works for me. With these apps, I can manage call flow, have my own personal secretary to take notes and record calls and even set up future calls in my calendar – all while making my way through whatever airport I happen to be in that day. So there you have it – superpowers with SimpleSignal.