How Can a Data Center Improve Your Disaster Recovery Plan?

Brett Harney Business Continuity / Disaster Recovery, Network Performance

What have you done to move your organization closer to being disaster proof? Having a well-developed disaster recovery plan in place can help with this endeavor. CTG has partnered with many different providers that help our clients set up a strong and stable data environment, and providers that have remote data protection that delivers business continuity. There are many ways to improve your Disaster Recovery Plan, but the question we will ask today is: what would happen if you had a disaster where your servers are today?  Frequently, we meet with clients that have limited to no plan for data recovery.  If your business is down, how long are you able to survive?  With many of our clients, we look to data centers to provide a solution. A Data Center facility is where businesses rent space for servers and other computing hardware. This building provides cooling, power, bandwidth and physical security while the customer provides servers and storage. Data Centers can benefit any business, especially in regards to redundancy and security. If your business decides to move their servers to a data center, your data and information will be off-site. Having your data stored elsewhere can be an integral part of a disaster recovery plan. Data Centers are:
  • Secure – Multiple security standards are put in place to protect your data.
  • Powered – There are multiple power suppliers (grid access and backup generators) that will ensure that your servers are always up and running.
  • Compliant – Whether a business needs to be compliant for HIPAA, SOX or anything in between, a data center is up to date on all regulations.
  • Connected – Data Centers have multiple carriers accessing their building, so it is easy to find a carrier that’s right for you.
  • Managed – If you do not want to manage your servers, data centers can take on that responsibility with making sure your hardware is up-to-date.
Data Centers can bring more than those features listed above, it can also bring you peace of mind. With your data off site and protected, you can ensure that your business will always be up and running. If you are unsure about your current disaster recovery plan, you can download this checklist to see where you stand!