How Do Your Applications Affect Your Network Infrastructure?

Brett Harney Application Performance, Bandwidth management

It’s here, another new year.  What have you done to protect your budget and plan for the unforeseen challenges to your network and application infrastructure? We’ve seen exponential growth in bandwidth usage year after year. This increase is not only from websites that your users shouldn’t be using, but as well as websites they should be that are displaying HD videos by default. These videos are auto-playing content and ads that are gobbling up more and more bandwidth.  The expectation of users is that the never ending bucket of bandwidth will just support this use. The end users don't understand the explanation of why this is a problem. Since this seemingly innocent feature uses so much bandwidth, it can slow down more important applications on your network like hosted services or your CRM Program. Think about all the applications you are aware of and how they affect your network infrastructure. Now think about the applications you don’t know about. How can that cause a problem for your network? Give 2015 a second look and make sure you are prepared! The need for speed will be greater this year than ever before.  #needforspeed Download our Disaster Recovery Checklist Now