Let Me Introduce You To ProactiveMax … Our Help Desk Service!

Brett Harney Help Desk, Network Performance

As the holiday season approaches, the word “service” and the phrase “tis’ the season” work together.  It is the season to help others. Whether it is volunteering for non-profits or simply helping a neighbor shovel their driveway, it is the time to give back. It's also the time to help businesses as well. Over the course of 2014, I have seen our clients develop a need for service, or better yet “help desk services” from CTG.  Our clients are getting pressed by their supervisors, customers and competition to provide more.  Even as their budget tightens, more is expected to be done and outsourcing is a necessarily evil because the resources usually aren’t up to par or there just isn’t enough time in the day. Our ProactiveMax service started as just a plain telecom help desk. Now, ProactiveMax consists of bandwidth monitoring, WAN network base lining and trending, WAN network asset management, disaster recovery plans and much more.  As you can see, we have evolved into more than just a telecom help desk. Our clients are now implementing complex network designs with redundant failovers to ensure there are minimal issues on their network. With this new complexity, comes new issues, and it has allowed us to provide new levels of support through our ProactiveMax services. I can definitely say that CTG is “a cloud help desk and service company”. As the technology world continues to evolve at such a rapid pace so does your need for a technology expert and help desk. We are looking forward to giving our clients a service they can rely on in 2015 with our ProactiveMax services.