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Buckeye’s Technology Foul: A Lesson in Unified Communications

Brett Harney Unified Communications

Unified CommunicationsWhat if the newspaper read “Buckeyes Lose Top Recruits to School Up North Because of Bad Technology”? That is what really could have happened this week.  The recruiting process for “National Signing Day” for high school seniors who want to play college football at Ohio State University came to a screeching halt. In Columbus, the Buckeyes’ recruiting fax machine ran out of paper and could not except any more acceptance letters from future Buckeye football players. How could the athletic department not be prepared for one of their biggest days of the year?

The bigger question is, why does OSU still rely on fax machines?  The fax (facsimile machine) originated back in the late 1980s and hasn’t been the rage on a technology front for the past 5 -10 years at least.  I know that the only thing to come through our office fax machine is the special advertisement for the “Caribbean Cruise”!

Today, with the development of unified communications and enhanced all-in-one copiers,the fax machine has died a technology death, but obviously not in one of the top college football programs in the nation!  I realize that most of the world knows this, but faxes can become digital and be sent directly to an email address as a read only file.

Thankfully (for Buckeyes fanatics), the fax paper issue was fixed and the recruits “letters of intent” were received. OSU completed a top 5 national player recruitment group for their football class of 2020. But, I have a message for OSU: Let’s invest in some technology for next year!  Note to Crack Buckeye IT Staff: Time to get into the 21st century with fax to email.  And in closing, a shout out to Urban Meyers: You might want to know that the copper telephone lines that plug into the fax machine are on their way out as well (AT&T says they want out of copper line business in 2017) so this doesn’t become a problem next year!

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