Outsource Your IT Work with ProactiveMax

Brett Harney Help Desk, Network Performance

Do you outsource your IT work? In the last 26 years, outsourcing has taken on a life of its own in the technology industry. Our clients have been giving us more work to do than ever before, primarily because of the reduction in technical staff within their companies. n addition, very seldom does one of our clients have "one" carrier or provider who delivers voice, data and cloud services to their organization. In fact, I don’t believe any of our clients only use one provider. What do these details show us? This equals confusion for the end user and hours spent on a task that probably isn't timely for most employees. This is where CTG can help. CTG’s ProactiveMax services can help:
  • Reduce cost of services
  • Improve mean time to repair
  • Improve resources available to support the existing or new technology
Due to the fact that we have access to 100 + carriers, we can support all of our clients voice and data providers as long as we have the services profiled. It gives our clients "one call to support", and this is what the Corporate Technologies Group's ProactiveMax service is all about.  We have helped clients who are getting up to 250 invoices per month (seriously - multi location accounts get complicated). Whether it's adding service, removing service, opening new locations, changing technology - a client's environment is never constant.  This is where we provide assistance to the client. We help maximize their time and resources. In the last year, many clients have asked us to provide help desk support on their actual network. Through our network monitoring services, offering network analytics and traffic information in real time allows us to tie together network issues that we have found on the client's network. Based on this information, the CTG support team can provide break fix issues quicker because we have evidence to show the provider what is truly happening on the network. As technology continues to evolve and change, make sure you have someone that will ensure that your network is always performing at its best.