Pull Your Own Plug…Before Someone Else Does!

Brett Harney Business Continuity / Disaster Recovery

What have you done in 2014 to move your organization closer to being disaster proof?  Are you monitoring network performance, or have you optimized you network for voice and data?  How close are you today to where you said you’d be at the end of 2014 in terms of providing a business continuity plan for your small, medium or large business? We’re not talking about network management, we’re talking about crisis management.
It may sound like the most extreme of cases but I have encouraged each and every one of my clients at some point in the year, if not on a quarterly or biannual basis, to schedule a “pull the plug” event.  This is what your business continuance and disaster recovery planning should center around.  I offered to every client to test their plan, and they responded with extreme prejudice. Each time I asked, “how is your business continuance plan”, I was told “we have a plan in place.”  However, no one was so confident that they would actually test the plan.  This tells me that no, they did not have a real plan in place. They had some idea of the organized panic and chaos that would ensue, but no real plan other than to call the carriers and hope their services were restored quickly. This is the point where you learn what is most important to your users, executives and the business in general. What is needed for the business to function at either a minimum level or at a continuous operation level? While some organizations rely on email and cell phones, others rely on landline, be it traditional PSTN or VoIP, where customers call in and expect an auto attendant or their direct dialed party. What do you do when the internet or voice circuit goes down?  Pull the plug and find out so you can develop a plan before someone or something else takes you down.  Plan ahead and make minimal investments to ensure a smooth transition from one system to another in the event of an outage.  We can help develop a zero downtime disaster recovery / business continuity plan for voice and data so that you truly can pull the plug.