Secret to Network Performance: First 10 Get Free Network Monitoring

Brett Harney Application Performance, Network Performance

What is the secret to achieving excellent Network Performance? In a nut shell: Knowledge. Having a view into your network and understanding the following three components will give you the knowledge to not only how well your network is performing, but to alert you to where you need to make changes:
  1. Bandwidth Utilization and Reliability: Are you using too much of your bandwidth?  Some companies mistakenly throw additional bandwidth onto their network assuming this will address performance, and then are surprised when nothing has improved. It may not be a matter of size, but rather, quality, that is impacting how fast (or slow) applications are running.
  2. Jitter, Latency, and Data Loss Reports: Jitter is the variation in the time between packets arriving, caused by network congestion, timing drift, or route changes. Jitter can cause a display monitor to flicker; affect the ability of the processor in a personal computer to perform as intended; introduce clicks or other undesired effects in audio signals, and loss of transmitted data between network devices. Understanding where and how much Jitter is occuring, or where data is actually lost in transmission, can impact an application's performance.
  3. Identifying Top Sources, Destinations and Applications: Where is the traffic to your network coming from? Is there a particular employee using an application that is having a negative impact on your entire network? Identifying these sources and applications that are impacting your network, then determining what can be done about them, can save you time and money that you may have used to throw more bandwidth on a problem that is easily addressed.

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