See how 8 out of 10 CIO’s Rank Application and Network Monitoring

Brett Harney Application Performance

Network MonitoringIDG Research Services conducted a survey of CIO's (sponsored by CA Technologies) with the goal of exploring the ability of companies across different verticals to meet end user expectation with regards to application performance. The results indicate that 80% of CIO's rank application and network performance as a top priority, yet only 16% of them feel they are doing it well. Here is what was measured:
  1. Importance of monitoring/measuring
  2. Impact from application downtime/performance problems
  3. Confidence in ability to meet end-user expectations
  4. Gap between capabilities needed and capabilities companies can deliver
  5. Planned investment in application management solutions/services
  6. Building a business case for Application Performance Monitoring investment
Get the eBook: Perfecting Network Performance They found that for 8 out of 10 enterprise organizations, monitoring and measuring app performance is an important IT priority. This is not surprising seeing as 57% of these surveyed organizations experienced employee downtime that resulted in significant loss of productivity. Nearly half felt that too much time spent on resolving downed or poor performing applications resulted in limiting their ability to launch new services and meet changing business demands. With application performance making such a large impact on companies' bottom lines, it was surprising that only 16% of respondents felt comfortable with their application performance monitoring and the attention IT puts on this. Their is a large gap between these company's ability to identify and fix problems before their end users are impacted.

CTG's application monitoring can bridge that gap

The only way to proactively identify issues with an application's performance in order to address it and fix it before an end user is impacted, is to have a monitoring system in place. CTG's Network Monitoring Services solves this problem by providing visibility into your network (both inbound and outbound traffic) for both your own LAN and third-party WAN networks. By accurately measuring performance without impacting the environment, this technology:
  • proactively troubleshoots network issues and application performance problems
  • continually monitors in real-time against service level agreements
  • assesses network readiness for rolling out new, innovative applications and service.