Setting Performance Budgets for Your Application Performance

Brett Harney Application Performance

Large companies are using performance budgets during software development and application development to measure how well their applications are performing, as well as the user experience on their websites. According to George Lawton, a tech journalist, in the article "Metrics can help improve website user experience, " a performance budget gives developers measurable targets for different phases of application performance." First of all, what exactly is a performance budget?  Lawton explains "A performance budget breaks down all the elements related to application performance into metrics that developers can test code against early in the development process. These metrics can include factors like page load times, interaction delays, animation rate and the ability to interrupt idle processes. As developers make changes, they can instantly see how the changes affect the application against the target performance budget." Performance should be brought up early and often when designing your website or applications on your site, to emphasize its importance. Not considering website performance from the earliest stages of a project is a surefire way to end up with slow and bloated sites, and frustrated end users who will abandon your sites. A decision made early on, for example, about the visual appearance of a site can have a serious impact on how the site itself will end up performing. If you have an asset you want to add to a site, or a new page with a new application, the concept of how it will impact the speed and performance of your site should be discussed and researched thoroughly. And if it will make the site run slow and cause end user frustration, resources should be put towards development of improving the asset's development to run better, or the idea abandoned. A great place to begin looking at performance is to look at response models that relate the different phases of application flow to user perception of performance. Look for measurable target goals that organizations can then incorporate in application performance budgets.  Employ a company that can run performance tests with defined and measurable data, to ensure your new asset will be just that - an asset, not a liability - to your site.