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How to Assess the Staying Power of Your Phone System Vendor

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AT&T is on track to acquire Time Warner. Avaya files for bankruptcy. Verizon acquires AOL. Windstream acquires Earthlink. These communications giants are facing tricky times while demand for wireless service and connection speed increases in tandem with increased price competition. There is certainly a wind of change that is bringing with it plenty of mergers and acquisitions. With all the …

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UCaaS Vs. PBX: Is Cloud a Clear Winner?

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Aren’t we all just headed to the cloud, making this comparison moot? Not exactly. The two are not black and white. Cloud communications is a broad field, ranging from single-function apps to full hosted UC services. PBX systems, which are now basically VoIP telephony, can vary as well from on-premise hardware to hosted cloud solutions. So, while we’re discussing UCaaS …

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The State of the Premise-Based Phone System

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As new cloud-based solutions continue to make waves in the telecommunications market, one thing is certain – the existing premise-based phone providers are struggling to keep up in a market where the customers are demanding cloud-based solutions. Shoretel’s premise-based phone systems, for example, haven’t been profitable for the last 14 years. And while they are still afloat others in the …

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5 Compelling Reasons You Need Hosted Phone

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Technology changes are rapid these days and your enterprise communication system is constantly aging. If you’re still running on your premise-based PBX, you may be in desperate need of an upgrade. You need to weigh the pros and cons of premise-based vs. hosted as it relates to your business needs and direction. But, I’m going to bet you’ll land on the …