Cloud Computing Myths

5 Myths About Cloud Computing: Busted

Brett Harney Cloud, Network Security

When it comes to Cloud Computing, there are plenty of businesses that just don’t get it. They believe that keeping their data on site is safer and that the cloud isn’t the right solution for them. But, they’re missing out on a tremendous resource. One that can increase their security, reduce their IT costs, and provide business continuity in the …

Disaster Recovery

4 Key Benefits of a Disaster Recovery Plan for Credit Unions

Brett Harney Business Continuity / Disaster Recovery

When it comes to their money, customers expect and deserve top level security, regardless if they’re banking with a global financial institution or their local credit union. In the event of a disaster, man-made or natural, banking institutions must have a seamless plan to recover customer’s personal and financial data, without the risk of losing any of it, not one …