Hosted VoIP

The Backstory and Brass Tacks of VoIP

Brett Harney Hosted Phone, VoIP

The internet was a game changer for business. It opened up a fast-paced world of connectivity and information sharing that catapulted our communications light years beyond where we were in a very short time. Since then, the quest for new applications for the internet has never stopped. One of these applications is VoIP. Here we outline the history, evolution, and …

hosted voip

How Hosted VoIP Features Should Differ for Enterprise

Brett Harney Hosted Phone, VoIP

Hosted VoIP Phone Systems come with a lot of benefits – like reduced CapEx, unified communications, scalability, automatic updates, and redundancy. But, it’s not right for every business. For those it is right for, it’s never a one-size-fits-all solution. That is particularly true for enterprise-sized businesses. Most VoIP solutions aren’t designed for 100+ users. Here’s how an enterprise solution should …

Hosted Phone

5 Compelling Reasons You Need Hosted Phone

Brett Harney Cloud, Hosted Phone, Unified Communications, VoIP

Technology changes are rapid these days and your enterprise communication system is constantly aging. If you’re still running on your premise-based PBX, you may be in desperate need of an upgrade. You need to weigh the pros and cons of premise-based vs. hosted as it relates to your business needs and direction. But, I’m going to bet you’ll land on the …

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6 Reasons Smart Companies are Shifting to Cloud-Based Phones

Brett Harney Hosted Phone, VoIP

As the momentum continues, it is expected this year that the shift of phone purchases will be over 50% hosted VoIP phone systems versus premise based phone systems. Hosted phones, or cloud-based, phone systems are the next level in office communications. Continuing to pour funds into your oversized and aging legacy system is like burning money. Here are SIX compelling reasons …