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Where Will the Handset Be Now that VoIP is Here?

Brett Harney VoIP

Unified Communications has been all the rage the last few years.  It offers simplified ways for your business to communicate, gives a voice to your apps, unifies all your devices and empowers them with features that offer business flexibility.   VoIP (voice over Internet protocol) offers a cost-effective way for businesses to move away from traditional private branch exchange systems, especially when it …

Can Free VoIP Be Good?

Brett Harney VoIP

The World Wide Web is a wonderful resource full of free stuff. Depending on your personal needs, a free VoIP service could work for you. But, there are still factors you should consider for a no-cost VoIP especially when contemplating Voice over IP for your workplace.

Not All IP Phones are Created Equal

Brett Harney VoIP

Is your sales team not fond of giving out their personal cell numbers to clients? Yes, having the convenience of direct communication with leads and clients is crucial. But what happens when an overzealous client starts texting about personal matters?  That’s why having the ability to take incoming calls and transfer them to any phone type whether it’s a soft …