Is Your Business Compliant With Cybersecurity Laws?

Brett Harney Network Security

Cybersecurity used to be considered “an IT issue.” Keeping data and files safe was the domain of the CIO, and no one else paid much attention as long as operations were running smoothly. Because data has become an enormous business driver for all types of companies, and cybersecurity laws have become stricter and more specific to address the growing risks …

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8 Behaviors for a Strong Cyber Security Defense

Brett Harney Network Security

Cyber criminals are lurking everywhere, hoping to get a chance to exploit you.  It’s no secret that any person or business with an online presence is susceptible to being hacked or even lured into a scam.  The good news is that most spyware, malware and ransomware can be avoided with a few easy information security practices.

5 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Ignore Physical Security

Brett Harney Network Security

Threats to your data come in all forms. Companies should have network and infrastructure security in place. But few consider physical security.  How many times on television shows do you see a character slyly stick an external hard drive into a computer and download critical information just in time to escape?  This isn’t all that much of an over-dramatization.  Pricewaterhouse …