Corporate Technologies Group Partners With Binary Defense For Cybersecurity

Leighton Rosendale Cybersecurity

Corporate Technologies Group (CTG) is proud to announce they have partnered with Binary Defense to bring increased cybersecurity capabilities to clients. Because most companies don’t have the staff, technology or budget to monitor around the clock, CTG and Binary Defense are providing this service. Their team is an extension of your IT team, providing protection around the clock, every day …

Looking ahead – How does your technology stack need to evolve?

Brett Harney Network Security

Before the COVID-19 outbreak, we thought we understood just how much technology was changing the modern world. But, over the last few weeks and months, we’ve learned a lot about all the wonderful capabilities of digital life and discovered some of its limitations. As we start thinking about what life looks like during and after the recovery phases of this …

With cybersecurity scams around every corner – can you afford to wait?

Brett Harney Network Security

Unless you’ve been living off the grid, you’ve probably heard about the exploding number of cybersecurity threats popping up everywhere. And it’s not just global statistics we’re talking about. Even state and local governments are coming under assault. Baltimore is the latest US city targeted with a ransomware attack, following smaller security beaches in towns like Greenville, NC, and Allentown, …


Spoofing: an easy way to get hacked

Brett Harney Business Continuity / Disaster Recovery

The first thing you want to do is determine whether your account has been compromised by a virus, malware, or a spammer, or if you are just being spoofed. Email spoofing is when the sender of an email, typically spam, forges (spoofs) the email header “From” address so the email being sent appears to have been sent from a legitimate …


Is Your Business Compliant With Cybersecurity Laws?

Brett Harney Network Security

Cybersecurity used to be considered “an IT issue.” Keeping data and files safe was the domain of the CIO, and no one else paid much attention as long as operations were running smoothly. Because data has become an enormous business driver for all types of companies, and cybersecurity laws have become stricter and more specific to address the growing risks …