SD-WAN Implementation isn’t as easy as 1,2,3

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When companies talk about digital transformation, the reality is that bringing mission-critical applications to the cloud isn’t a company’s end goal – it’s a means to an end. Businesses are looking to harness the full benefits of SaaS and cloud-based infrastructure to reduce costs and improve scalability, accessibility, and security. But getting there, however, requires re-thinking the one-time staple of …

IT Roadmap

Anatomy of a Business – Aligned IT Roadmap

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Aligned IT Roadmap Given the growing impact of technology on today’s business operations and processes, IT leadership must have a clear path that is closely aligned with the organization’s long-term strategic goals. While developing this IT roadmap has never been more important, it’s often a challenge for IT teams to step out of the day-to-day mandates and look at IT …

How are you planning for 2020?

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With not only a new year but a new decade right around the corner, company leaders need to be mapping out a serious plan for what’s ahead. But where do you start? It’s a major challenge in deciding when ‘outdated technology’ is holding an organization back, or when it’s still delivering value. Or determining if the ROI for building integrations …

CTG network services

Thinking about network services? Ask these 5 questions first

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Most companies have built their traditional network architecture in a piecemeal approach over the years, starting at the corporate office and then expanding to the branch office. Network managers selected the most reliable and most cost-effective internet connections possible for each location. This approach worked well when teams were small and internet speeds were ‘good enough’ to connect back to …