Cloud Security

Cloud Security Concerns Finally Fading in C-Suite

Brett Harney Cloud

Cloud adoption has been plagued with concerns about security since its inception. It’s one of the most common objections we hear. As network experts, we’ve been confident that the public would eventually see it our way. Cloud computing is incredibly safe, often more so than on-premise hosting. Businesses have been using the cloud for pieces of their operations, like email, HR, …

Network Monitoring

Facing a Cloud DDoS Attack Head-On with Monitoring

Brett Harney Network Performance

One of the greatest benefits of cloud computing is availability of service. You want to be able to access your data anytime and anyplace. One of the older security threats to service availability is a DoS attack, or Denial of Service. This type of attack floods your network with communication requests and ultimately blocks legitimate users from accessing it. The …

Network Security

2017: The Worst Year Yet for Network Security

Brett Harney Network Security

The threats to our network security continue to grow. 2016 showed us that there are plenty of new types of attacks to worry about, like ransomware, and all indicators show that there are plenty more on the horizon. The biggest problem in 2017 is that while we have continued to tack on new defenses, our underlying IT environment is eroding …

Network Infrastructure

2017 Means Your Network Infrastructure Is One Year Older

Brett Harney Business Continuity / Disaster Recovery, Cloud, Network Performance, Network Security, Unified Communications

We started the year proclaiming our best intentions. We made resolutions on how to be better and how to make this the best year for our businesses yet. While we make all those new plans for growth, our hardware has continued to grow too… grow older, that is. Maybe it’s time to consider a new beginning for your network infrastructure …