2017 Enterprise Networking Predictions

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The end of the year is a great time to look back and see how our industry has changed and consider what the future holds for communications. The oncoming year will be full of development and change in the network world. Here are a few predictions that have been made that we agree with:

App Integration

Key Benefits of Enterprise App Integration

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There are seemingly endless software applications (aka apps) available for businesses today: Apps that deal with customer relationship management (CRM), business insights, marketing platforms, sales tracking, inventory management, call center metrics, and hundreds of other facets of everyday business operations. While these apps provide tremendous insight individually, they often aren’t talking to each other. The data they produce is stored …

Unified Communications

The Risk of Dis-unified Communications

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There is little doubt that the cloud has come to the forefront of information technology. As such, more and more businesses are adopting the cloud for communications applications. In fact, Cisco recently noted that cloud apps will account for 90% of total mobile data traffic by 2019. The age of the cloud is in full swing, and organizations are jumping …


Is Your Network Ready for a Millennial Influx?

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As technology has changed, so has the way people work and connect. We often see a blend of old and new technology, as fully embracing new tech can be costly up front. That slow move forward has worked for many. But as Millennials, people born from 1981-2000, flood the workplace, a new mindset is forming.  One that means getting ahead of the curve to …