This VoIP Checklist Will Make You Smarter

Brett Harney VoIP

In "The Checklist Manifesto: How to Get Things Right," surgeon Atul Gawande argues that one of the most basic organizational tools — the simple checklist — can improve the effectiveness of teams and individuals performing complex tasks. "When properly conceived and used, a checklist ensures communication and confirmation among members of a team and catches errors. "Checklists might be the most basic form of task management, but they’re also one of the most powerful." By using a checklist, you take away some of the complex clutter that can overtake your brain capacity. Your brain will be freer, smarter and you’re bound to become a more productive person.

CTG wants to make you smarter about VoIP

With that thought in mind, we have put together a checklist for Voice Over IP.  Whether you are thinking about whether or not to implement VoIP into your business, evaluating your current infrastructure, or are already looking at solutions that would work for you. Download our VoIP checklist as a gut check to determine if you are ready for VoIP or happy with your current provider. Download our VoIP Checklist