Throwing Away Your Desk Phone? A Unified Communications Discussion

Brett Harney Unified Communications, VoIP

Do you still have a desktop phone?  You may find yourself in the minority in a few years!  Thanks to Unified Communications, businesses are using the full power of their network to experience the benefits a UC solution brings. Here are some statistics and findings from the latest Intelisys Communications weekly update that really caught my attention: For their latest Unified Communications Survey, InformationWeek analyzed 488 Business Technology Decision Makers across North America. The good news? The market is seeing significant growth. The challenges? We still have a lot of work to do to meet increasing expectations. According to the survey, more companies are using Unified Communications than ever before, both premise-based and cloud-based solutions. In fact, the percentage of participants that have a UC solution increased from 38% to 44%, with another 25% planning on deploying a UC solution in the near future. But the news gets better. Of those companies that have a UC solution in place, more people are actually using it. The survey found that companies that provide UC services to over 75% of their employees went up sharply, from 21% to 34% year-over-year. That means more workers at all levels are becoming familiar with the many features and benefits of Unified Communications. In other words, there’s no turning back now; people are getting hooked. No single statistic illustrates the point more than this: 14% of the survey’s participants don’t even have a desktop phone. This shows an undeniable comfort level for counting on mobile phones and soft clients as reliable business communication tools.