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Where the Unified Communications Market Has Failed

Brett Harney Unified Communications

Unified CommunicationsUnified Communications (UC) is the epitome of productive interaction. When installed properly, a UC approach enables the end-users to communicate with anyone they want, whenever they want, wherever they went, and in whatever form they choose. It should offer all that functionality along with incredible simplicity and robust security. But, that’s not the experience many UC users have had. What is causing UC providers to miss the mark?

Most UC setups are being sold without involved conversations with the client. The focus is more on what the cost per seat is versus features and functionality that the end user can benefit from. Without getting into the details on such things as mobility apps, features are patched together using multiple apps requiring more infrastructure instead of a seamless collaboration. This fails to deliver on the promise of enhanced productivity, and often leads to users just downloading off-the-shelf consumer apps on their own, outside of your system. This doesn’t allow the purchasing side of the equation to get the best solution for what they have purchased. These installations end up being used as just highly-technical phone systems, without taking advantage of all the functionalities they were promised.
Integrators may be wary of the price their customer will need to pay for a true Unified Communications integration. But, the true cost can’t be price compared side-by-side with solutions that clients are getting when calling the 1-800-Hosted-VOIP players out in the market. Specialization and customization are needed because the benefits are so vast. We’re talking about customers that understand the ROI they will get from the exceptional gains in productivity and mobility.
Most big box hosted providers are failing to produce a real unified platform and a complete solution that will support the client’s needs. They are selling solutions that include shipping phones to the client’s location and giving the impression that it’s plug and play. But, users will soon find the features aren’t working as they should and become disenchanted with the “process” and resort back to their old ways, making your very costly upgrade into nothing more than the same old phone system.
The best-of-breed solutions will encompass a solid hosted phone infrastructure and a true solutions expert that understand clients versus what is available from the hosted provider. Your system should facilitate internal and external communications in any location with browsers and apps. The solution should have all that functionality customers expect while being secured by design – no SBC, no VPN required.
Corporate Technologies Group, Inc. is an Ohio based company with a national and international reach, offering a portfolio of Hosted VoIP Phone solutions that fit the small business client to organizations with hundreds of call center agents.  We can provide a true solution with the infrastructure to support a genuine Unified Communications experience. We can give your enterprise the power to connect with whom you want, when you want to, where you want to, and in the form you both prefer. UC is a powerful productivity driver and, as an experienced network solutions provider, we can give you the tools you need to accelerate your growth.


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Unified Communications