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Where Will the Handset Be Now that VoIP is Here?

Brett Harney VoIP

VOIP voice over internet protocolUnified Communications has been all the rage the last few years.  It offers simplified ways for your business to communicate, gives a voice to your apps, unifies all your devices and empowers them with features that offer business flexibility.   VoIP (voice over Internet protocol) offers a cost-effective way for businesses to move away from traditional private branch exchange systems, especially when it comes to cloud-based systems.  So, will the handset become extinct?

If you’re sticking with handset even after switching to a VoIP or unified communications solution, you may be missing out on one of the biggest benefits this technology brings you: business mobility.

Today’s workforce doesn’t spend nearly as much time at their desks as previous generations, with Citrix reporting 61 percent of employees spend some time away from the office while working. Whether you have a highly mobile, traveling workforce or your employees would simply like some work-from-home days, it may be time to switch to mobile handsets.

Softphone VoIP Solutions

A VoIP softphone solution routes calls from the business phone system to an application on a smartphone or another device. These applications allow employees to take calls even if they’re out of the office, which can also improve response time and call handling rates. For example, if you can’t get enough staff to cover second shift for phone support, consider dropping the requirement that they come in office and instead allow them to cover these hours at home. The location flexibility is particularly useful for employees who have long commutes into the office.

VoIP softphones allow your workforce to have location flexibility without depriving them of needed resources to get their jobs done. While some security and technical considerations need handled prior to deploying the solution, it improves employee productivity while also cutting down on your telecommunication hardware costs.*

*Source:  IT Toolbox

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