Your International Calling Costs You What??

Brett Harney VoIP

We recently were engaged by a client to review their network infrastructure.   While we found a lot of “the usual,” and by that I mean overpaying for oversubscribed WAN connections, contracts out of term that are costing an arm and a leg and some disparate systems that could be used more efficiently. There was one thing in particular that stood out: an international calling bill that was over 5 digits.  Yes, FIVE. It turns out that they have sales and marketing employees who spend a good deal of time overseas, and because of this they have an international plan on their mobility service.  All this international calling was costing them an arm and a leg and no one ever thought to look into other options.  After all, what options do they have?  Right?  People are overseas so they need international calling. This is where the sales rep steps into a phone booth and pops out with a cape and curl draping his brow. The majority of partners that we represent, in the Hosted VoIP space, have developed applications for smart phones and tablets that turn your mobile device into a soft-phone.  This allows you to stay on your corporate phone network ANYWHERE you have a connection to the internet.  Whether it is WiFi at a bistro in Paris or the airport in Luxembourg, you are making and receiving calls on your application as if you were at your desk in your home office.  Using data this way has the ability to reduce your international calling to ZERO, and push all voice traffic over IP.  While the financial impact can be astronomical for some, this also provides a boost to your image and keeps your organization together.  Now your sales and marketing departments are just an extension away from accounts payable, accounts receivable or management whether they are in Cleveland Ohio, Cleveland Tennessee or Cleveland United Kingdom. If you’re in the position of having to look at international calling bills that make your eyes cross, it’s time to consider doing things differently.