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  • Or that day when your customers’ private lives are uprooted.
Cyber criminals and hackers are constantly inventing NEW ways to infiltrate your company, steal your assets and disrupt your life. The ONLY way to STOP THEM…
You Must Constantly Educate Yourself On How to Protect What’s Yours!

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You Must Constantly Educate Yourself On How to Protect What’s Yours!
Tip # 5: If hit with RANSOMWARE that says: “Pay $2,000 or we will delete your files” — DON’T PAY! Do THIS instead to sidestep their evil ways.
Tip # 19: Do you accept credit cards online? If you answered “Yes”, but you neglect this KEY STEP, you may get FINES, FEES and even SUED!
Tip # 47: Have a remote login when working on the road? YOU may unknowingly be inviting a VIRUS into your office, unless you take this action.
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How Does Your Current IT Guy Stack Up?

Take this quiz to find out!

How can you tell if you are receiving poor or substandard service? How do you know if your IT company or computer guy is doing everything possible to secure your network and prevent expensive disasters? If your technician does NOT score a “yes” on every point, you could be paying for substandard support and jeopardizing your data and network’s security!

Do they offer a variety of managed network, telephony, and connectivity solutions to fit your budget and your business goals?

Are they easy to reach and highly responsive (responding same day) when you need them for non-emergencies?

Do they proactively monitor, patch, and update your computer network’s critical security settings daily? Weekly? At all? How do you know for sure?

Do they offer proof that they are backing up ALL your data, laptops, and devices?

Do they meet with you regularly (at least once a quarter) to report what they’ve been doing, review projects and offer new ways to improve your network’s performance instead of waiting until you have a problem to make recommendations?

Do they provide detailed invoices that clearly explain what you are paying for?

Do they explain what they are doing and answer your questions in terms that you can understand, NOT in “geek speak”?

Have they proactively discussed cybersecurity with you, and made recommendations for better protecting your network from ransomware?

Have they provided you complete network documentation, or do they hold the “keys to the kingdom” refusing to give you admin passwords?

Do they provide new solutions and update you on industry trends?

Do they arrive on time and dress professionally?

Also, do you look forward to seeing them, working with them, or do you cringe every time you have to make that call? I’ve also enclosed a page of client success stories from other happy clients who have trusted us to provide MSP Services. If you like, we can arrange for you to speak with them directly to hear their candid stories about how our support has revolutionized their company!

Client Success Stories

CTG has been a valued service vendor to Impact Ind. for well over 5+ years. We previously had trouble with our equipment and service prior to switching to CTG. Their entire staff at CTG made the transition to new equipment and service a simple one. The products we have had installed are easy to use and work extremely well in meeting our needs. We appreciate the quality of service we are provided by CTG’s staff, making our phone and communication systems virtually hands off and simple to use. In today’s competitive manufacturing market, having proper communication is the key to success. Not having to worry about phones, fax, and internet services is priority and CTG has made this possible. Laura Kaiser has gone above and beyond to ensure all our needs are met. She does a fantastic job! CTG has a fantastic group of people and can provide top notch service.  H. Britt, Impact Industries

CTG guided us through the delicate process of replacing a failing 30-year-old analog phone system that was not only heavily integrated into other hardware, but also dear to many employees. CTG’s staff researched options, presented only what we needed, and provided us with attentive and understanding staff for the transition. – J. Hunter, Nerone and Sons

“We faced significant challenges during our move to a new building earlier this year, requiring a complete overhaul, including a new phone system, and wiring the entire facility for IT and phones. When surprises beyond their control happened (which they do in every project), they were able to come up with alternate solutions. Their excellent project management skills and “can do” attitude helped us get up and running when we needed to be. I choose to work with CTG because they have a good reputation in the industry and are good at what they do.” – B. Centa, PMI Industries

“I and the companies I have worked for have been clients of Corporate Technologies Group for over twenty plus years. The years we have been associated with CTG speaks to our confidence in their ability to support our communications and data needs. As our needs have evolved, so has CTG’s ability to provide state-of-the art solutions to meet those needs. For me, CTG has provided a single source for communications products and especially support. When support issues come up, one call to CTG and I am done. CTG’s staff see the issue through to its resolution and keep me informed of their progress. Thank you CTG!” – E. Ardale, Manchester, Newman, & Bennett L.P.A.

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