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Having worked with Corporate Technologies Group (CTG) for over 5 years, we have experienced first-hand how CTG works as a business and as a business partner. CTG has patiently worked with us to build a relationship, understand our needs, and provide solutions to problems as opposed to selling products and services. Having a responsive, single-point of contact for our telecom needs has been tremendous, especially when it comes to new services, adds, changes, and repairs for each of our locations across 28 states. Ever since CTG began helping manage our telecom needs, we have been able to refocus valuable internal resources we previously dedicated to those responsibilities.
Taylor Ashba, Millennia Housing Management

Corporate Technologies Group maintained 100% communication with us through every step of our hosted phone project, from start to finish (and after)! Through each stage of the project, CTG facilitated and deployed all aspects that we needed for each of our locations to a “T.” Talk to CTG and their customers if you want a better understanding of what they can help you do as your technology partner. From the start, we were presented several options to meet our goal and the best option wasn’t the cheapest or the most expensive… it was the one that CTG put emphasis on that met all of our requirements without breaking the bank.
Matthew Haser, Skipco Auto Auction
Brennan, Manna & Diamond has been working with Corporate Technologies Group for several years and we couldn’t be more pleased with the services we receive. We purchased all our telecommunications and internet packages for our three offices through them. Not only are their prices extremely competitive, but the way all our trouble tickets are handled is great! I can;t say enough about how much time and frustration CTG saved me!
Danny Wyszynski, Brennan, Manna, Diamond

Since starting to work with CTG, I think the communication is the best part about them. Instead of myself getting a comprehensive quote for a service or needing to report an outage, CTG can take care of this for me. They are like a dog with a bone and their response time is the best! I’ve worked with other IT firms in the past that over promised and under delivered, but CTG hasn’t been like that. They have always been upfront about what they can deliver. How would you like to never have to deal with a carrier again? CTG can make that dream a reality, over and over again.

Igel Construction, Ryan Canaday

CTG was instrumental in assisting me locate the best carrier contracts, as well as supporting my onsite efforts in installing the equipment and circuits needed to connect our new facilities with our corporate office. They have been instrumental in assisting me with issues that arise with these carriers and contracts. Corporate Technology Group offers a more personalized and one on one approach to supporting our consulting needs then some firms I have worked with. It is rare to deal with a firm where the owner is actively involved in the projects including meetings, phone calls and follow ups. Brett has always made himself available to the staff at Great Lakes and is always there to support his team during any project or installation. Let CTG handle a single project for your company, and you’ll know that CTG has the best people in place to offer the professional and courteous service and support needed to implement the services you require.
Great Lakes Power Products, Denise Monty

I have been with McGean for 23 years, and the company was already working with Brett Harney previously before I came on board. When he started Corporate Technologies Group, there were no questions, we wanted to work with them.I think that the biggest benefit I have received since I started working with CTG is that I work with the same people. There is very little turnover, and I don’t have to explain past projects to a new person because the support representatives have worked through them all. Working with them is like working with your coworkers/friends. The best trait of CTG is honesty. If they don’t know the answer they will find it out. They stand behind the customer and fight for what is right.
McGean, Paul Kornuta

I feel a personal connection with Corporate Technologies Group. They have a small business feel with a high level of availability. Dealing with large telecom monopolies can be complex and they help cut through the red tape. While working with CTG, they have helped save us quite a bit of money while maintaining vendor quality and have been instrumental in rate negotiations across all our regions. I would recommend using CTG for help with managing your telecom contracts, as they add value in saving you time and money, and they are organized and experienced. It’s nice to have an extra set of eyes, especially when you make a lot of changes day in and day out. They are reasonable, and the value added by them is evident.
Reminger Attorneys at Law, Ryan Patriarca

Since we moved our company to hosted phone services, we have more uniformity and standardization of software, hardware and services across our company platform. We were faced with replacing aged hardware at 3 of the 7 of our locations. Many of the locations lacked standard features offered in today’s communication world. Not only did CTG find the right solution for our company, but they also manage ongoing support for us. CTG assisted and guided us in our project implementations and managed other vendors, including difficult communication vendors (phone utility providers especially). CTG’s Client Support Group is customer centric and makes sure that any issues we experience are fixed. They are a single point of contact for us whenever we require assistance.
Royal Chemical, Ed Kubek

CTG made our transition from the old phone provider to the new phone provider the smoothest phone transition I’ve ever been a part of. The transition was so quick that actually removing the old physical phones and replacing them took longer than the switch. CTG does a lot of legwork in the background to make the transition seem easy to us. They had a full blown plan for how this would work and they stuck to it. The project was communicated pretty well , and it was clear CTG knew more about the process than the provider we were working with anyways. We have had very few issues, and even if we do, CTG is quick to provide assistance. By working with CTG, I can tell you that the grass turned out to be pretty green on my side.
Mennonite Mutual Insurance Company, Ann Gross

Case Studies


GBS Corp (GBS), headquartered in North Canton, OH, is a leading information solutions provider focused on innovating and improving their solutions to help their customers’ businesses. One of the many ways that GBS has been able to improve is by evaluating a new solution for their wide-area network (WAN) and migrating their eight locations from MPLS to a software-defined wide area network solution (SD-WAN).

Joe Berenyi, Manager Corporate Information Systems

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Mactac is a Stow, Ohio based manufacturer of pressure sensitive technologies such as roll label, industrial tape, graphic, sheet, and medical adhesive products. They lacked visibility on existing telecom and had an urgent need to build a new, updated enterprise telecom solution without breaking the budget.

Larry Sage, Senior IT Director

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Event Source, a party rental company, operates in Ohio, Michigan, Pennsylvania, and Florida. The company needed upgraded to a hosted phone system and an increase in bandwidth in order to facilitate volume fluctuations, as well as updating their firewalls and providing a managed security solution.

Patrick Kennedy, IT Manager

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After acquiring three manufacturing facilities over the past several years, the MPI executive team determined it was time to upgrade its analog phone system to a VoIP system. They were also looking for Internet/private network support and network monitoring expertise.

Jeff Holbrook, IT Manager

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