Project Management & Support

Project Implementation & Support

Project Implementation & Support

CTG’s project implementation & support services address the issues that our clients face when making the decision to change their network topology, whether it be premise based or moving services to the cloud. From assessing your existing network design; to evaluating network bandwidth analytics; to planning for disasters, our team has the expertise and experience to take on your technology infrastructure needs and ensure that the project objectives are met during implementation. In addition, after implementation, our support services are there to help with your service needs that drive results and guarantee up time for your business.

Help Desk

CTG has taken traditional help desk support and reimagined it as an entirely new service with extraordinary new benefits. It’s called ProactiveMax, and it’s different from other IT help desk services offered in the market today. ProactiveMax doesn’t just work with your physical network, it “follows the lines” and handles the relationship with your connection vendors. We understand that your network extends and is dependent on the performance of your connection to “the cloud,” and therefore we handle all the technical support and customer support issues that occur from these vendors that can consume your time.

This gives you the ability to “grow” your IT staff without adding to your headcount. Our support team of certified project management professionals is here to manage and monitor daily IT operations without interruptions and give you the complete confidence that your tech service and support are being handled the way you would yourself. CTG actually becomes your “outsourced help desk.”


ProactiveMax online offers clients a place where they can deposit all their technology assets under one portal for voice, data, and hardware inventory.  With ProactiveMax Online, our clients store their technology service provider and hardware contract information in one place as well as reminders are set prior to the contract’s expiration.  One single depository to keep all your important documents.  It’s a great add for keeping track of company information and staying organized on your technology. 

Network Assessments

In order to determine which cloud-based technologies are right for your business, it’s crucial to assess your current situation and business communication goals. CTG can help ensure your current network is ready to support growth and the technology improvements necessary to move your business forward.

The reality is, you can’t manage what you are not measuring. Our network assessments provide keen understanding and visibility into your network for your LAN and third-party WAN networks through our proven processes and network monitoring tools. We not only look to understand the initial requirements needed to support your infrastructure changes, our ProactiveMax service provides ongoing network analytics that give you insight into the ongoing changes that happen through the continual evolution of your network information.

During your assessment, CTG will analyze the following:

  • Current network – We will look at your network efficiency from physical framework to ability to expand as your business grows.
  • Costs – We will analyze current costs vs. network effectiveness and balance these with future needs.
  • Goals –  Once we have an understanding of your current needs, budget and future goals we can then develop a plan that works for your business right now and well into the future as your needs change.

VoIP Readiness & QoS Assessment

The question we get from clients most often is: “Do we have enough bandwidth available to handle the existing voice traffic and eliminate the need for a separate voice network?” If they do, we need to determine the volume of voice calls the network can handle. If not, it’s important for us to look at where and how bandwidth is being used and determine what an optimal solution looks like. This VoIP Readiness test gives us a full picture of what we are working with when it comes to building the ideal network.

Having a network that can support VoIP is great, but we also want to ensure the end user has an excellent experience; every time. Conducting a Quality of Service (QoS) assessment is the best way to determine network expectations and performing gap analysis to pinpoint the capabilities needed to achieve and deliver the quality of service that your clients expect.

Network Monitoring and Device Management

Network monitoring and device management through CTG provides real-time analysis and reporting against service level agreements. It also gives you constant performance results on WAN traffic and the status of your network devices up time.  This provides early warning signs as soon as something may be beginning to fail. This continuous monitoring provides a platform for planning and scheduling installations of new applications and services. It can also provide valuable acumen into data loss problems, packet loss, latency and jitter.

Our WAN monitoring packages include:

  • Service Provider Accountability
  • Bandwidth Quantity & Quality
  • Speed and Delay of bandwidth
  • Hop by Hop WAN evaluation

Disaster Recovery Planning

The word “disaster” carries an unsavory tone for most, but disasters DO happen. Every business must have a plan in place to guarantee business continuity and overall company survival. Whether the disaster is man-made or natural, your Disaster Recovery Plan (DRP) should cover any data, hardware and software that is critical to keeping your business functioning properly. CTG can help you develop a DRP that’s right for your business, your risks, and your budget.

Disaster Recovery planning from CTG will help you analyze two specific areas within your disaster recovery plan.

  • Business Continuity – Is your business prepared to handle a disaster? We look at the mission critical functions that you must have to function and determine if your budget is robust enough to handle those needs.
  • Redundancy – What routing alternatives are available for your network data should the main access point fail or is inaccessible? We will help you assess your current situation and determine if your redundant connections are susceptible to the same risks as your primary network.

CTG has a team of support representatives that are readily available to help you manage and support an initiatives you may have.  Contact us today and we can find the best solution for your business.