VDIVirtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI)

Do you have a wide variety of users on your network, such as task workers, power users, guest workers, contractors, and mobile employees? Do they run on different levels of access and security based upon their role or status in your organization?

Virtual Desktop Infrastructure, or VDI, refers to running a user desktop inside a virtual machine that lives on a server on site or in a data center. It allows for fully personalized desktops for each user depending on their role in your company, but with a simplified and secure centralized management.


VDI enables you to centrally manage the desktops you support, ensuring that all security software and patches are up to date.  And since all the data is stored on a server in a secure data center, a stolen or misplaced laptop doesn’t pose any risk to your data.


VDI gives your end-users mobility and the freedom to access virtual desktops anytime, from anywhere, on any device.  Rather than fighting with employees who want to use their own laptops or tablets, the BYOD dilemma is solved with the Anywhere/Anytime access that VDI allows.