Hosted VoIP

Hosted VoIPHosted VoIP

Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) is phone service that no longer depends on traditional phone lines which transmit analog signals over physical telephone lines. While this old-style technology is good, it is subject to weather conditions and carries a hefty cost depending on needs and usage. An alternative to traditional phone service is VoIP, which uses the Internet to translate calls into digital data signals, and can bring significant cost savings to a business.

There are generally two categories of VoIP services currently offered by most providers; hosted VoIP, and premise-based VoIP. Premise-based VoIP involves the installation of IP-PBX equipment at each business location, whereas with a hosted voice solution, all of the expensive and complicated network equipment is kept and maintained by the service provider. As a result of removing any direct involvement with that equipment, hosted voice VoIP is easily the more manageable, flexible, and cost-effective of the two options.


Effective communication is the lifeblood of any business. The benefit of hosted voice solutions in this regard is that localized problems, even catastrophic ones like flooding or fire, can have little or no impact on a business’ ability to communicate. Because all the features and functionality are hosted off-site, even in a disaster situation, automated directory service and voicemail will continue to function, and employees can use alternate methods to access the network. In cases of significant natural disaster, even if the business location is rendered completely useless, relocation can be accomplished in a matter of days, or even hours if the IP phones are still operational. All that is required is an alternate location with Internet access.

STRONG FEATURE SET: Optimized Call Routing and Mobility

The ability to take incoming calls and transfer them to any phone type whether it’s a soft phone, mobile, or the traditional desk phone is one of the most popular features CTG clients love about VoIP . They can communicate in the office or with a virtual staff with no interruption. A mobile sales person no longer needs to hand out their mobile phone number… call routing ensures phone calls to their desk phone get routed to their mobile, and even can allow calls from the mobile to appear as if they are originating from the desk phone!

The ability to save voicemail messages as either audio files or transcribed text, and to forward those messages to other concerned parties is a powerful tool that can multiply the speed and efficiency of communication within client’s organizations.

Integrating network conferencing and collaboration tools, empowering multi-location workgroups, virtual teams, and allowing for meetings regardless of the physical location of the attendees, all make hosted VoIP a logical central part of your Unified Communication platform.


Network integrity must be analyzed and considered before moving to this technology. CTG can help you determine if your business is ready for this technology and if not, how to help you get there.