CTG Managed Solutions

CTG provides customers with comprehensive managed solutions designed to give your business the efficiency and scalability you need to grow. From business continuity and disaster recovery to wireless access and customized help desk solutions, the managed solutions we provide take the stress off of your IT department and let them focus on more important strategic initiatives.

Help Desk Service

CTG has taken traditional help desk support and reimagined it as an entirely new service with extraordinary new benefits. It’s called ProactiveMax, and it’s different from other IT help desk services offered in the market today. ProactiveMax doesn’t just work with your physical network, it “follows the lines” and handles the relationship with your connection vendors. We understand that your network extends and is dependent on the performance of your connection to “the cloud,” and therefore we handle all the technical support and customer support issues that occur from these vendors that can consume your time.

This gives you the ability to “grow” your IT staff without adding to your headcount. Our support team of certified project management professionals is here to manage and monitor daily IT operations without interruptions and give you the complete confidence that your tech service and support are being handled the way you would yourself. CTG actually becomes your “outsourced help desk.”

ProactiveMax Online

ProactiveMax Online offers clients a place where they can deposit all their technology assets under one portal for voice, data, and hardware inventory.  With ProactiveMax Online, our clients store their technology service provider and hardware contract information in one place as well as reminders are set prior to the contract’s expiration.  One single depository to keep all your important documents.  It’s a great add for keeping track of company information and staying organized on your technology.  Learn More About ProactiveMax >>

Disaster Recovery & Business Continuity

The word “disaster” carries an unsavory tone for most, but disasters DO happen and every business must have a plan in place to guarantee business continuity and overall company survival. Whether the disaster is man-made or natural, your Disaster Recovery Plan (DRP) should cover any data, hardware, and software that is critical to keep your business functioning properly. We are experts in Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS) can help you develop a DRP that’s right for your business, your risks, and your budget.

We analyze business continuity and redundancy as the focal points for your DRP. In doing so, we look to determine the following:

  • How long can your business be out of service should a disaster occur?
  • What are the mission critical functions that you need to continue to function?
  • Is your budget robust enough to handle the needs that you have identified as mission critical above?
  • Do you have alternate routes for your network data should the main access point fail or be inaccessible in a disaster?
  • Are your redundant connections susceptible to the same outages as your primary network?

Disaster Recovery as a Service

Wireless Access Services

Many businesses deal with remote or temporary worksites where it is either not possible, or cost and contract-length prohibitive, to build out a network. Employees at these sites still need access to resources and network applications, so we look to wireless as a valuable alternative to wired networks. Working with industry-leading partners, we deliver wireless solutions for both remote office locations as well as those needing a backup solution for business continuity plans.

Our vast network of wireless partners allows us to build a custom solution to fit your specific business needs. Whether a line of site from your building (the antenna) to the wireless tower is available, or if your location is so remote that the 4G/LTE network is the only option, we have the solution to provide high quality connections no matter where your business is located. As a backup solution, we provide rate plans that are flexible and can be based in part on usage rather than paying for redundant fiber or DSL backup.