ProactiveMax Help Desk

ProactiveMax Help Desk

CTG has taken the typical help desk support idea and recreated it as an entirely new service with entirely new benefits.  It’s called ProactiveMax.

ProactiveMax is different from other IT help desk services offered in the market today.  CTG’s version doesn’t just work with your physical network, but “follows the lines” and handles the relationship with your connection vendors.  We understand that your network extends and is dependent on the performance of your connection to “the cloud,” and therefore we handle all the technical support and customer support issues that occur from these vendors that can consume your time.

This gives you the ability to “grow” your IT staff without adding to your headcount. Our support team of certified professionals is here to manage and monitor daily IT operations without interruptions and give you the complete confidence that your tech service and support are being 100% handled. CTG actually becomes your “outsourced help desk.”

With ProactiveMax, your IT staff no longer needs to micromanage Adds, Changes and Moves, along with a host of other functions. Our support team of certified professionals are there to manage and monitor these services for you without interruptions, giving you complete confidence that your tech service and support are being 100% handled.

There are many services ProactiveMax offers and they can even be bundled for your full service needs:

  • Installation and Inventory Project Management
  • Ongoing support of your current voice / data / cloud technology as well as potential Adds / Moves / Changes
  • Bill Review and Analysis
  • WAN Network Monitoring and Bandwidth Analytics

ProactiveMax is changing the way companies are doing business and CTG is your one-stop outsourced help desk. Whether you have a new installation or need WAN Network Monitoring and Bandwidth Analytics, you only need ProactiveMax.

At CTG, our goal is for you to never have to call your voice / data / cloud provider. Our commitment to you is to service you better than the carriers themselves would because we understand the mission critical role service and technology play in your daily operations. ProactiveMax allows you to focus on WHAT you do best without worrying about HOW to do it.