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Ensuring your mission critical servers are in a facility with high level security, redundant connections, generator power backup, and temperature controlled surroundings would require significant up front capital expenditure to build on your own, let alone maintain and update.  This is why most companies look to collocation services (colo) over building its own data center.

Colocation (colo) is a data center facility where businesses rent space for servers and other computing hardware. The colo provides the building, cooling, power, bandwidth and physical security while the customer provides servers and storage.


Redundancy in IT is a design in which a component is duplicated so if it fails, there will be a backup. In a data center, there are multiple redundant components, such as servers, fans, telecommunication links,etc. that are installed to back up primary resources in case they fail. A data center/colo facility must also offer power redundancy in the form of generators in the event of a power outage.   Cable/Fiber redundancy is crucial to keep the data center, and the multiple businesses using it, connected and “open for business” in case of emergency.


In this day and age, security cannot be overlooked or understated.  A data center/colo facility must adhere to very strict security practices, especially since the data housed within can be extremely sensitive depending on the business’s that maintain their servers there.  From physical security to stop intruders (multiple levels of scanning and codes to enter different parts of the facility), to security that limits the impact of disasters (actual physical firewalls betweens rooms, sprinkler systems, static-free entryways), to the data and network security to stop virtual attacks.  All this can cost significant amount of CAPEX to maintain and update on your own, and is another reason to look at the colo option.


In the past, colos were often used by private enterprises for disaster recovery. Today, colos are especially popular with cloud service providers and companies that run multiple, mission critical applications in the cloud.  Use of these facilities improves the company’s image as a company who cares about security and “always on” service.

Look to CTG to assist in finding the right data center/colo facilities for the mission critical servers your business requires.